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Muse Marketing and Nikki Burlage

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

"Tell me a little about you and what you have in mind" These were the words that started the process that would be the beggining of our new journey. When we heard Nikki was talented we had no clue we were going to find out she was actually extremely talented! She answered each of our questions and met each one of our needs. She knew exactly what we were looking for and brought our ideas to life. Every single detail was completely planned and with a purpose. The way she works and the process and steps that she follows have the ultimate goal of making sure you are pleased with your final product. Our final chosen option comes in a dropbox file that has easy access and we can use from any server in the world conected to a WiFi network. She also provides three different options for you to chose between black and white, gray scale and/or the colors of your business. She also gives you full rights of your design. She is patient and gets to the chase! She works on a timely manner and within days you have a finalized product. You will be completely happy with her work and many of us can validate the professionalism behind her. Logos, Web pages, Ads... you name it!

I will be adding a link to her webpage and contact information. I invite you to visit her website and take a look at all her fabulous work and personal portfolio.

Nikki Burlage Leach

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